May 25, 2022

“Kuamoo Road” …He Always Looked As If He Was Expecting Life To Begin and Someone To Arrive: A Song

On Kauai, where I lived until remaining yr, there was once this man who stood at the beginning of Kuamoo Road in Kapaa. He become always there… Rain or shine. He had a garden chair and sound asleep bag. Standing near the traffic mild he constantly regarded as if he turned into anticipating someone, always with an expectant look on his face. I would regularly see him with a styrofoam 인천다국적 field with lunch or dinner so he must have had cash or a person helping him. I heard there have been individuals who helped him. A stranger to me and yet I one way or the other knew him much like all and sundry else who passed that spot and depended on his being there. I moved lower back to California for awhile and after I back to Kauai he became long past. I heard he have become quite opposed to humans and changed into made to leave. I never determined out what befell to him or in which he wound up or if he discovered what he what or who he was searching out.

I wrote this music about him and every other girl I met while in California, a complicated woman who did not wait, no longer for some thing. I think it is actually approximately us all or who we pick to be at any given moment; we hope; we wait, we anticipate or we have days we do not.

“Kuamoo Road”

a music:

There is a person who waits
on the stem of Kuamoo Road
and he is ready
for his lifestyles
to begin.

There is a woman who sits within the dark
and she or he beverages all by myself,
she is anticipating
her existence
to cease.

I stand alone
in shadows
and I cartoon out their frames
sitting near
within the secret
of hide.

I’ll be a lilac
be as a minimum a petal
or an amaranth
in their wake
I will treasure all
the lessons discovered
as I fly
so very far away.

Feb. 2000
Imperial Beach, CA


Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
Hawaii, United States

Aloha! I am a figurative artist and Illustrator. If you take a look at out my website you may see that I am very prolific in oils. My artwork are accumulated international. I also do sculpture; photographs available upon request. I even have illustrated for Hay House Inc. , Neil Davidson, who became taken into consideration for the Pulitzer Prize in function writing, and several other publications. I also revel in tale writing and poetry. All of the art work,testimonies and poems on my blogs and website are written by using me.